Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The 'Wonder'ful Gal Gadot

Can't believe it's happening in my Life Time in this Planet, after 40 years of trying and a BIG horrendous MISTAKE 2 years ago after the remake of the TV show which was a Disaster and INSULT to all the Fans, now the World Wide immense ICON Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman will have the Critic of all of US  and see who EVER is writing makes JUSTICE to the BIG Presence of Lynda Carter ...this 2016 we just had the first view in "Batman VS Superman" of Gal Gadot as the "New Wonder Woman"....for me it will maybe take around 40 Years to see someone else as Lynda Carter......I'm not Being Negative or Positive I'm just holding my BREATH and hope they don't f@#$K it up this time she is "Gal Gadot" for your Consideration as the "New Wonder Woman".....I really WISH all the Best for the Movie and Her...

Once Upon a time like 40 years ago a little 8 year old kid found for the first time an Escape from all the Problems ,Alcoholism , Pain,Fights and Abuse of his Father to his Sister and his Mom.... he saw for the first Time his "First Super Hero"...A way to live happy and forget for a moment all the PROBLEMS around Him...a Role Model to look up to....a Hope for Love and faith to FIGTH FOR ...using the "Super Powers" she had ....."Wonder Woman" was air in 1978 ....40 years ago and made an Impact on him ...Today that kid watching this New TV Show is happy to revived that Safety and The Incredible World that could be if he was a "Super Hero" .. Strong,Special, Invincible and Compassionate.


Mi nuevo Progrma de TV favorito.....Erase una vez como 40 anos atras un nino de 8 anos encontro un manera de Escapar de todos los Problemas, Alcoholismo, Dolor,Peleas y Abuso hacia su Madre y Hermana de parte de su Padre...el vio por Primera vez su "Primer Super Heroe"...Una manera de vivir Feliz y OLVIDAR por unos momentos todos los PROBLEMAS alrededor de el....Un Ejemplo a Seguir...Una Esperanza de tener Amor y Fe por la que LUCHAR usando los "Super Poderes" que ella tenia.."La Mujer Maravilla" fue transmitida por primera vez en 1978 hace 40 anos haciendo un impacto en su vida...Hoy aquel ninito Mirando este Nuevo Programa siente y revive otra vez esos momentos de Felicidad y Seguridad en un mundo Increible como si el fuera un "Super Heroe"..Fuerte, Especial,Invencible y lleno de Compasion.


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