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My Bosu killer Workt Out 2012 (part 2).
Hello my dear readers finally Holidays are here and hope you had practice the exercises from last issue with the Bosu if you have any question type :TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO in Facebook to contact me. Remember that these exercises 

will help you GET BETTER in your Core, Balance and Strength using the Bosu and help you to Correct your POSTURE doing the exercises. December and all the parties will keep you with few time to go to the gym so when you go you can do this next 5 new exercises along with the 5 from the last issue to have KILLER BOSU WORKOUT to burn some CALORIES and FAT combining these challenging exercises with the Bosu and keep you in shape this Holiday Season are you ready??? we go!!!. 

Please take time to look at my Body Posture in the Images for better Technique. 

1.- Bosu lateral shoulders with dumbbells(shoulders and ABS). 
Get some dumbbells maybe 10 lbs to start and step on the Bosu,remember to correct your Posture first so you can balanced your body,keep knees semiflex,standing tall and shoulders back,dumbbells next to your gluts and legs(starting position) squeeze your abs(inhale) and as you (exhale)you will bring both arms straight and up till the level of your shoulders, keep a little semiflex in your arms , don’t hyperextend your arms and feel the work in your shoulders, bring the arms slow down and repeat.20 REPS x 4sets. 
See image #1. 

2.- Bosu biceps curl(biceps and ABS). 

Get your dumbbells and choose the weight proper for you,remember that the execution of this curl is first with your arms fully extended palm facing up and in front of your quadriceps, keep your back tall and shoulders back (inhale), so step on the Bosu flex knees, squeeze abs, and now bring both dumbbells up and close to your shoulders squeezing biceps(exhale),bring your arms down and FULLY EXTENDED,and repeat Do not use TOO MUCH WEIGTH if you can’t control the technique, you will be falling from the bosu if you are trying to show off. 20 REPS X 4sets. See image #2. 

3.- Bosu frontal shoulder with dumbbells(frontal shoulders and ABS). 
Step on the Bosu and by now you must remember the Posture to keep you in Balance,flex knees and squeeze abs and chest out and dumbbells in front of your quadriceps palms down (inhale),as you (exhale)bring one arm first and up till the level of your shoulder then slow bring it down(inhale), now the other one up(exhale). Total 20 REPS alternating arms x sets.See image #3. 

4.- Bosu lateral push ups(chest, triceps and ABS). 
Here you will start with both hands in the middle of the Bosu with fingers spread out and open ,arms straight and legs wide apart,body head to toe long and tall LOOK AT THE IMAGE (inhale),you will alternate arms opening one at a time side to side, first to the right doing a push down and up(exhale)and returning the hand to the center of the bosu and next to your other hand, DON’T DO IT TO FAST!! cause you will loose the technique, start with 10 REPS counting both arms and the 20 REPSx 4sets.See image #4. 

5.- Bosu Advanced Lateral Side Plank( shoulders,triceps and ABS). 

In the November issue I showed you the Beginners plank with your arm flexed in the 

Bosu, now this will be really HARD, so LOOK AT THE IMAGE,position your body lateral of the Bosu and put your hand palm down and fingers open in the middle of the bosu (arm flex)elbow close to your obliques and same hand close to your chest,the leg close to the ground fully extended and the other leg crossing and stepping in front of the leg that is in the floor to give you some support when you are doing the fully extended plank (inhale), SEE THE IMAGE, now as you (exhale)you will push your arm flexed away from the Bosu squeezing your OBLIQUES and locking your arm and the the other arm will be going up to the sky making a perfect line both arms, also to make more the work out of your obliques please keep your HIPS UP and felling or EXTRA squeezing your waist or obliques.This exercise is excellent to make your WAIST SMALLER and cut.Hold for 20 COUNTS each side x 4 sets. See image #5. 

Now here is your “Interval Killer Bosu Work” out for this Holiday Season to BURN FAT and Calories from the Turkey and Christmas Food. Please have all your equipment next to you for this workout and water. 

Warm Up: 

Warm up at least 15 minutes running or walking after this you will do 2 of each exercises from the 10 I give you so get you magazine from last month and this one. 


Do 1 set of the Bosu squat with ball plus 1 set of Lunges with bar. 

Now run again or walk 3 minutes and come back to your training base. 

Do 1 set of Bosu Chest with bar plus 1 set of bosu back with dumbbells. 

Run again 3 minutes and come back to your training base. 

Do 1 set of 1/2 side plank both arms plus bosu lateral shoulders. 

Run again or walk again 3 minutes and come back to your training base. 

Do 1 set of bosu biceps curl plus 1 set bosu frontal shoulder. 

Run again or walk again 3 minutes and come back to your training base. 

Do 1 set of bosu lateral pus ups plus your Advance side Plank. 

Run again or walk again 3 minutes and use the las minute to Cool down so just walk slow to lower your hart rate..Take after this 15 minutes at least of STRETCHING so you don’t get sore later. 

You can REPEAT this INTERVALS 2,3 or 4 times and you will have a great “KILLER INTERVAL BOSU ROUTINE” to do in this Holiday Season. 

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to all of you and may God Bless you and all your Family see you next year!!. 

I will do a YOU TUBE CLIP for this month column to help you see and understand this movements so please go to my FACEBOOK : TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO.:

Thanks so much to Tony Wiseniewski owner of ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. for using his gym for this pics. 

Blessings Octavio.