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Some History About "Octavio Personal Trainer in the last 30 years" / Octavio y su Historia en 30 Años.


Octavio remembers that at age 8 was always impressed of what the Olympian Athletes and their physiques where able to do in this Games giving the best of them to "win".Octavio had a great admiration to the "Marvel Super Heroes" and the gifts of their "Super Powers" and dreaming that he will became one as he got Older, so little Octavio started training by doing gymnastics, swimming, martial arts, aerobics and body building at younger age and learned the importance of discipline in the exercise and with the goal to have "The Perfect Body" and Strength to become a Super hero or an Olympian Athlete.

Octavio also since 8 years old discover that "Music" was something that he was very attracted and always find the way to dance at the beat of the Tunes his Older sisters played with the L.P. vinyl records, he remembers as if it was yesterday singing and dancing "I feel love" with Donna Summer and "Reflections" with the Supremes.A very active a kid with lots of imagination and determination to make his dreams come true.

 Octavio was very Gifted in any Sport he did doing things that where "Hard" for others and but for him was a "Natural Talent" that he had, being the best kid and teen doing any Sport you challenge him.He discovered as well going for many years to his Family Country Club for the first time an "Aerobic Class" which he was devoted every saturday and sunday to be the student number #1 at the front of the class and next to the instructor to dance and exercise with music that made him happy and finally pushed many many times by the "Instructor invitation" to Perform together the Steps and Moves of the Class.

Octavio realizes what he was able to do with "Music and Exercise" and how Much Satisfaction and Power he could Create in a "Class Room" to Move and Inspire people to be fit and never imagine all the Amazing Life and Experiences he will live finding that his Mission and Job in his Life was to be the most exciting,fun energetic,creative and beloved Group Exercise Instructor in all these years in all the Gyms he had teach.

Octavio at 18 years old decided to become a professional Group Exercise Instructor by "The Beverly Hills Workout " in 1990 in Mexico City founding great satisfaction in helping others to improve their fitness as a group leader and using the music as powerful tool to create the Whow! and Magic factor in his classes. After a year of teaching he became The Group Exercise manager of the " Beverly Hills Gym Pedregal".

Working and teaching classes in most prestige gyms in the area like "Gold's Gym Pedregal, Polanco and Cuernavaca", "The Spa Royal Hotel Pedregal" ,"Corpore 2000 Gym"and finally "Sport City Eureka and Loreto ".

Achieving various certifications since 1990 and decided to take his career to higher levels he got certified as a Group exercise Instructor by AFAA in 1994 in Mexico city by his dear friend Laurie Reimer opening the doors to international opportunities. Having the fortune and chance to learn from the best teachers in the business like Petra Kolber,Madonna Grimmes, Patrick Godeau,Kathy Steven,Alice Roquermore,Gin Miller and Scott Cole to mention some. He continued his education in Business Management while training and competing nationally in aerobic and body building events winning in 1995 "Second Place national" in The "Aerobics Susiki eliminatory Coup" Mexico D.F. He spent the last 20 years working at the top line gyms as a trainer and group exercise instructor and becoming in his most rewarded achievements as the Group Exercise Manager of " Sport city Eureka and Loreto in 1995" working with David Miller and Felipe Casillas Operation and Director Managers.

After that he accepted to work as Director of Technical Support of "Solgar Vitamin Company New York" franchise in Mexico city and based in Cuernavaca ,Morelos. Training and educating employees about Nutrition and Supplementation over 400 stores "Nutrisa" and other affiliates in all the Mexican Territory"1998-1999. Here is Octavio's WORKING EXPERIENCE in MEXICO CITY since 1990: Receptionist and Sales Membership at The Beverly Hills Work out & Gym Pedregal, Mexico City, 1990.

Aerobics Coordinator and Aerobics Courses Designer ( 1st And Advanced courses) at The Beverly Hills Workout & Gym Pedregal, Mexico City, 1990-1992. Aerobics Coordinator at Mega Gym Pedregal, Mexico City, 1995 Aerobics Manager at "Sport City Eureka and Loreto", Mexico City, 1996-1997. Duties: personal Trainer Manager of the Aerobics Area, Supervisor of the new Aerobics area at Sport City Loreto; employees under his Charge: 40 aerobics instructors. Receptionist and Sales Membership at Corpore 2000 Gym, Mexico City, 1993-1995.

Personal Trainer at Sport City Eureka, Mexico City, 1997. Technical Support Director of Solgar Vitamin Company And Herbs, Franchise in Mexico City, 1998-1999. AFAA Certified Instructor since 1994, 1996, 1998. AFAA Consultant Accepted by Laurie Reimer, October 1998. Aerobics Instructor since 1990 at: The Beverly Hills Workout & Gym Del Valle, Mexico City. The Beverly Hills Workout & Gym Pedregal, Mexico City. Gold’s Gym Pedregal, Mexico City. Gold’s Gym Polanco, Mexico City. Gold’s Gym Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Reforma Sporting Club. Mexico City.

Mega Gym, Mexico City. Corpore 200 Gym, Mexico City. Spa Royal Gym at Royal Hotel Pedregal, Mexico City. Fissic Center, Mexico City. Aerobics Manager at Sport City Loreto and Eureka, Mexico City. Qualton Spa at Qualton Hotel, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Fit it Gym, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. Aerobics expositor and presenter all over Mexico TEACHING WORKSHOPS and MASTER CLASSES, Health and Finess Model and writer in Health and Fitness Magazines TV appearances in TELEVISA and TV AZTECA MEXICO, Master Classes: Step & Hi-Low, Monterrey, Mexico, 1990. Aerobics Course for Instructors, First Level, The Beverly Hills Workout & Gym Del Pedregal, Mexico City, 1990- 1992. Aerobics Course for Instructors, First Level, The Beverly Hills Workout & Gym Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, 1990.

Aerobic Workshops at Roma Gym, Mexico City, 1992. Aerobic Workshops at Classy Gym, Cuernavaca Morelos, 1992. Aerobic Workshops and Master Classes at Leny Gym, Cuernavaca Morelos, 1993. Special T.V. Program in Cable with Shanik Bermang, Televisa, Mexico City, 1994. Comercial Spot in T.V. for Sports Beverages “Lagarto”, Mexico City, 1994. Master Class for the first Meeting of “Music for the Earth”, Huatulco Bay, Mexico, 1994.

Master Class at the Expo Gym, May 17th . Mexico City, 1994. Master Class in the Aerobic Tour, San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 1994. Master Class for 3th. Cicuit “Forma Active”, Ciudad Neza, Mexico City, 1994. Master Class at “Escaparte Aerobico President Gym”, Mexico City, 1994. T.V. Appereance in “Un Nuevo Dia” with Cesar Costa and Rebeca de alba, Televisa, Mexico City, 1994. T.V. Appearance in “En Vivo” with Ricardo Rocha, Televisa, Mexico City, 1995. T.V. Comercial Spot for Sportsware “Damaris”, Television Azteca Mexico City Step Workshop at Corpore 2000 Gym, Mexico City, 1995.

Master Class in “La Manana Deportiva Tour”, San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, 1995. Participation in the “Aerobics Massive Maraton Damaris” Master Class, Naucalli Park, Mexico City, 1996. Master Class “Box Aerobics” in the Aerobic Tour Noni, Mexico City, 1996. Interview in the Reforma Newspaper, Health Section, Mexico City, 1996. Appearance in Men’s Health Magazine, September, Mexico City, 1996.

Appearance in the T.V. Program “Hola Mexico”, Television Azteca, Mexico City, 1997. Interview in the Reforma Newspaper, Health Section, Mexico City, 1997. Master Class in the Opening of Sport City Loreto, Mexico City, 1997. OCTAVIO in 2000 decide to make a drastic change in his Aerobics and Training Profesional Career moving to Los Angeles to achieve some of his dreams like realizing his first Bilingual "Fitness DVD" STRETCHING AND TONING, becoming a respected and successful Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer working and teaching in the hart of the Fitness Capital of the World L.A. and be able to be a Presenter at the IDEA WORLD FITNESS CONVENTION.

Octavio has been teaching and training for almost 12 YEARS at "Bally Total Fitness" Hollywood location being one of the most successful Personal Trainers and one of the most popular and beloved Group exercise Instructor for Ballys and 3 years GEX Assistant Director in Hollywood. Worked with her friend Madonna Grimes at "The Madonna Dance Theatre Company"with his own "OCTAVIO'S WORKOUT CLASS", tough at "24 Hours Archlite" Hollywood location , L.A. Fitness Hollywood ,working for 'UNIVISION Radio station 1020" at the "Luz Maria Briseno Nutirion Show" for more than 3 years helping and educating the spanish community in several states where the show reaches every friday from 2-3pm .Since December of 2009 he started his own Bilingual Health column in the "Gay Adelante Magazine" reaching and helping to inspire the latin population to be healthy and exercise and just launched his new Blog featuring his Fitness Bilingual Articles to date 2013, since October of 2009 he became part of the most selected and profesional team of trainers of  PROACTIVE HEALTH SOLUTIONS the only Bilingual trainer in this upcoming new revolutionary company to take the fitness to a higher levels.

Presenting for 3 consecutive years in the "Luz Maria Briseno Live" at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium" his fitness segments to 4000 people.Doing some television spots for "Univision Channel 34" and " Ellen Degeneres Show" as spokes man of Bally Total Fitness" for 11 years.

Presenter for 2 consecutive years at the Pasadena Lineage Dance Festival( at the "Pasadena Civic Auditorium" 2009 and 2010 with his "Stretching and Strengthening Class" for all type of dancers and fitness ehnthusiastics. RECENTLY celebrating his Fourth year writing his Fitness Bilingual Fitness articles in the "Adelante Magazine" in all SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.After 12 years Octavio decide to be independent due to the UNFAIR pay to "Experienced Group Ex Instructors and Personal trainers" of these Big Chains of Health Clubs in L.A. that UNDERESTIMATE the Talent or years and years of Experienced in this business and create his own Company "Octavio's Fitness LLC" and moving to the next level of his life. NOW based in The Best Private Gym in Hollywood "UltrabodyFitness" with Stunning Installations a paradise for Instructors and Personal Trainers.

In 2011 got invited to the First Singing TV Reality show in Israel"Living in La La Land" as a guest trainer for the stars and be part of the Cast where 6 Super Famous Israeli singers compete to win a record deal for "Geffen Records" and live the Celebrity Hollywood Style with a Unique and Charming Personality in Fitness, the show was an "outstanding hit" and voted the "Best TV Reality Show in 2011 in Israel TV".

Invited again for the 2012 Second Season of "Living in La La Land" air in Israel November 2012 having the chance to cross borders beyond his dreams. Received a "Certificate" from the Adelante Bilingual Magazine in December 2011 to recognize his efforts on behalf of the communities this magazine serve which is deliver critical information and education to the LGBT Latino Community,in the works his second bilingual "Advance Fitness DVD" and other projects towards sharing his experience and knowledge with his Fitness Website,You Tube Channel, fitness Articles in Southern California where "Adelante " reaches to Inspire people to practice any Sport,

Exercise or Group Ex classes in a safe way. His pasion and main focus is be an Outstanding Group Ex Instructor and be able to make people Dance with all the Tunes that had been part of his life, each song from the Warm up to the last Final song to the the Dance Choreography had a meaning in Octavio's life and his cool down a significant tune to cast a spell on you....his Classes and Music has been a way for him to Express his Love for "show time" and his experiences in life.... You take one of his classes and you will never forget him or the tune he made you dance.Happy to achieve the new add to his website with blog:



Due to my 30 Years training myself and People, for a WOMAN I can show you the Specific Exercises your body has to do / Debido a mis 30 años Entrenándome y Entrenando Clientes, para una  MUJER solo YO puedo mostrarle los  Ejercicios Específicos para su tipo de Cuerpo.

You will find just FEW Trainers with my WIDE Expertise in Several Sports and Styles of Training then WHY spending YOUR money going to a simple DR. if you really Need and SPECIALIST??.......REALLY ...think ABOUT this.....and Check my Credentials / La realidad es que EXISTIMOS muy pocos de Entrenadores con una AMPLIA EXPERIENCIA en varios Deportes y Conocimiento en Estilos de Ejercicio como YO.... Porque GASTAS tu dinero en ir con un SIMPLE Doctor si lo que NECESITAS es un ESPECIALISTA??..... No es BROMA.....Piénsalo DETENIDAMENTE y mi por ahi checa mis CERTIFICACIONES.....


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Miss Lynda Carter and Octavio and the man most happy on the Planet/ La GUAPISIMA Lynda Careter con Octavio el hombre mas feliz de el Planeta.
Yes after this pic I had a attack.....My Idol since i was 7 year old....27 YEARS DREAMING TO meet Lynda Carter finally happen!!!...
Octavio Master Trainer.

Lynda Carter on Wonder Woman | SUPERHEROES | PBS

"My role models and the impact they did in my life/Mis Idolos Y mis Figuras a seguir y el impacto que le dieron a mi vida"

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The BEAM Pilates Part 3.“Balance,engagement,alignment and movement” 2014.

Hello my dear readers hope you had a safe and fun Gay  Pride and let me  continue showing you more Stretches and positions to get your body in Balance and also if you had been practicing these exercises from the past 2 issues plus this last one  you have almost a 1 hour routine that If you carefully follow my Cues it will make you release the pain in your Lower back, hamstrings, Gluts and you all body and having a Greta Healing Work Out.Just take in consideration that you will do my Exercises maybe not to good the first time but you have to practice and practice, you will get better and better and If you add some 45 min of Cardio and eating healthy I promise you that will start Loosing Weight.

here are the next Beam Exercises:

1.- Beam Upper BUTT Strength and balance.
Here you will stretch the hamstring that is fully straight and locked of the beam in this pic the left leg and you will work your Upper Butt as long as keep the leg lifting, squeezing the Right Butt and your toes of that leg pointing good and lengthening the leg(see the image) left leg on the Beam and as you bring your right leg back your balance will be challenge, hold this position 15-30 secs and squeeze hard your Butt,then switch legs.

2.- Beam Runner Stretch and Twist of the waist
Here assume the runner stretch that I showed you in Beam part 2 June. Right leg whey in the front aligned with the knee and flex,left leg fully straight going back and now your lef hand will be well situated on the floor and you will bring your arm and and fully straight up to the sky twisting from the waits your body (please see the image)hold you abs and feel the stretch in your lower back,chars and shoulders.Hold it 15 -30 secs the swithc Legs.

3.-Beam single calve stretch.

Please se my posture in the image.I will start with my toes on the Beam,then bend forward and sticking mu BUTT away from the Beam and to get the calve stretch I will lift my right heel and my left heel will get the calve stretch more intense,put all your body weight in the left leg.Hold for 15-30 secs and then switch.

4.- ABS on the Beam.
Position your body in the middle of the beam supporting your spine,now hands in your head elbows open ,rigth leg lift UP and  straight TOES pointing, lefT leg semi flex (please see the image),now "starting position" inhale bring your back UP and AWAY from the beam taking your shoulders wide open and now "ending position" exhale do the CRUNH as high as you can then come back to starting position...very IMPORTANT to keep the leg UP and POINTING  all times 4 sets -30 reps.Switch legs.

5.- Beam Quads, Abs and Balance.
One of the exercises that dancers do and the one looks so simple but is NOT.Position your left leg fully locked and straight on the beam,arms with fingers open next to you Hips (inhale) starting Position, now using your balance and sucking your ABS you need to bring your right leg fully straight UP pointing your TOES and your arms will go UP fully extended in a "T" exhale  (please see in detail the image) the Hamstring of the left leg will be stretching and the Quad of the right leg along with the ABS will be working and feeling the BURN. hold this 15-30 sec and do 5 times each leg.

6.- Beam Hard Core Stabilization, ABS and tremendous Balance.
This one is very very INTENSE..position your knees hips wide apart on the Beam with your TOES touching the ground to Start,hands in prayer position and upper body with Chest Out and Shoulders back, now her comes the HARD CORE, you will lift your TOES from the floor and directing your heel to your BUTT and only with the ABS and straightening the BACK will balance your Body squeezing your ABS very hard and you will find out why this particular exercise is AMAZING for the ABS. 4 set holding 15-30 secs.

To help you see and understand these movements please go to my FACEBOOK : TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO or

Thanks so much to Tony Wiseniewski owner of ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM.  for using his Beautiful gym for this pics


La barra BEAM de Pilates Parte 3  2014 “Balance,abdominales,alineamiento y movimiento”.

Hola mis queridos lectores espero que hayan tenido un Desfile Gay seguro y divertido dejame continuar mostrandote  más estiramientos y posiciones para poner tu cuerpo en equilibrio y si has podido practicar estos ejercicios de los 2 articulos anteriores más este último ya tienes una rutina de 1 hora que siguiendo mis explicaciones cuidadosamente ayudara a quitarte lo TIESO  y el dolor de Espalda Baja, Hamstrings y Gluteos relajando todo tu cuerpo y dandole restauracion.Si notas que al principio te cuestan trabajo reallizar estos estiramientos no te desanimes,practicandolos frecuentemente se te haran mas facil ademas si agregas 45 minutos de cardio minimo y comes sano te prometo que PERDERAS PESO en 3 semanas.

Estos son los siguientes Ejercicios:

1 -. Beam Gluteo Alto y equilibrio.
Aquí sentiras el estiramiento del hamstring de la pierna izquierda que esta el la barra totalmente estirada y la otra pierna trabajando tu Gluteo Superior siempre y cuando mantengas la elevación de la pierna, apretando tu trasero derecho y los dedos del pie de la pierna en punta para alargar la pierna (ve la imagen) la pierna izquierda bien plantada en la viga y levantando la otra pierna hara muy desafiante el ejercicio y despertara tu equilibrio, manten esta posición 15-30 segundos aprieta fuerte tu trasero y ABS  y luego cambia de pierna.

2 -. Beam Estiramiento de Corredor y Torsion de la Cintura.
Aquí ponte en el estiramiento de corredor que te mostré en la parte 2 de junio, avienta bien la pierna derecha bien al frente alineada con el tobillo y la rodilla flexionada, la pierna izquierda completamente recta y estirada hacia atras tu mano izquierda bien situada en el piso y el brazo derecho levantado hacia arriba torciendo tu torso (ve la imagen) manten tus  abdominales bien apretadas para  sentir el estiramiento en la parte baja de la espalda,pecho y hombros.Manten esta posicion de 15 -30 segundos luego cambia de pierna.

3.-Beam Estiramiento de pantorrilla.
Por favor, ve mi postura en el image.Empieza con tus dedos del pie tocando la barra “talones fuera”  y luego flexiona tu cuerpo hacia adelante con piernas estiradas aventando tu TRASERO hacia atras ,ahora levanta tu talón derecho y deja talón izquierdo en el piso sientiendo el Estiramiento en pantorrilla izquierda poniendo todo el peso del cuerpo en esta pierna.Sosten por 15-30 segundos y luego cambia de pierna 4 veces.

4 -. ABS en la Barra Beam.
Coloca tu cuerpo y Columna en medio de la viga para mejor Soporte,ahora pon tus  manos en la cabeza con los codos abiertos, pierna derecha levantada y estirada y tus  pies bien Puntados, pierna izquierda  flexionada(ve la imagen)"posición inicial".Ahora  inhala levantando tu espalda arriba y lejos de la viga manteniendo hombros hacia afuera.Despues "posición final" exhala y haz la Abdominal lo mas alto que puedas apretando tus ABS  y luego regresa a posicion de inicio ... muy importante mantener la pierna ARRIBA, alargada y en punta. 4 series 30 reps luego cambia de piernas.

5 -. Beam Cuadriceps, Abs y el equilibrio.
Uno de los ejercicios que los bailarines hacen y la que parece tan simple, pero NO LO ES!!!.Pon tu pierna izquierda en la barra completamente estirada,los brazos con los dedos abiertos y pegados a tus caderas(inhala) Posición de Inicio.Ahora  con tu balance y apretando tus Abdominales levantaras la pierna derecha totalmente hacia arriba puntando tus dedos y brazos ahora levantados  y extendidos totalmente  al nivel de los hombros (por favor ver en detalle la imagen) el Hamstring de la pierna en la barra se Esrirara y el Cuadricep de la  pierna derecha junto con tus  ABS  estaran trabajando y sintiendo ardor  y quemadura. Manten esta posicion 15-30 segundos y haz 5 sets alternando Piernas.

6 -Beam Estabilización Intensa de Abdominales y tremendo Balance.
Éste ejercicio es Super Intenso .. Incate y posiciona tus rodillas  en la barra separadas al ancho de tus caderas pies tocando el suelo al Inicio (como ves en la imagen) , manos en posición de oración y tu Torso sacando el pecho hacia afuera hombros echados hacia atras , aqui viene lo INTENSO en tus ABS ,ahora eleva lentamente tus pies afuera del piso dirigiendo tus talones a tu trasero y enderezaras tu Cuerpo a ESTIRANDO completamente tu ESPALDA  haciendo que los Musculos ABDOMINALES ayuden a equilibrarte Realizando que DURO e INTENSO trabajo es para tus abdominales este movimiento. 4 sets de 15 a 30 segundos.

Para ayudarle a ver y entender estos movimientos por favor vaya a mi FACEBOOK : TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO o
Muchas gracias a Tony Wiseniewski dueño de ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM gimnasio por estas fotos

Para ayudarle a ver y entender estos movimientos por favor vaya a mi FACEBOOK : TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO o

Muchas gracias a Tony Wiseniewski dueño de ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. al usar su  gimnasio por estas fotos.
Octavio .


The BEAM Pilates“Balance,engagement,alignment and movement” Part 2 2014.

Hello my dear readers so Balance is part of every day Well Being not just Physically but Mentally as well.As I mentioned balance is so important that with out  IT we will be falling over and a disaster for our parents and old people. 
Balance should be part of our activities as humans as well ,if you work to much and you don't try to rest and have a time to unwind and relax sooner or later an unbalance will make your body Snap and get you Sick,Depress and make your life and the life who is around very Unhappy. Being out of Balance in our lifestyle,finances and love life is not HEALTHY. 
As I mentioned doing a “BEAM CLASS”  and standing on it makes you think: what do I have to do correct my posture to make it more effective and beneficial for our body?..  how will my breathing will be very  important for stretching my muscles and give them the enough oxygen??... focusing and having your mind and body connected will affect your the way you feel and how much limber and  fit your body can get SO the next exercises THAT I will show you have lots of amazing health benefits in Toning,Lowering your Blood Pressure and making you more Balanced and with a great Core Control.I suggest to practice this with a BEAM or as I said get a thick yoga matt and practice in the borders. It’s like a Pilates - Ballet Class.

Stand on the Beam left leg back and step right leg to the front,now semi flex a little and put your body weight in the left butt and throw your butt back(please see my posture in the image) now the the right leg is fully straight and you will bring your toes up close to you and at the same time you will bend forward to feel the butt, hamstring and calve stretch, hold this postures 15- 30 seconds,full inhale and exhale in all times.Switch sides.

Start here with right leg fully locked and knee the left leg close and as you bend with with your all body forward use your hands to stabilize and give you support to then lift the left leg (pointing your toes) please see my posture to feel this amazing stretch in your Butt,Hamstring and the higher your left leg your calve will be more stretch. Hold this posture  15-30 seconds,full inhale and exhale in all times.Switch sides.

Position your body with legs WIDE apart and knees facing out and try to fit your feet in the BEAM (see my posture in the image) make sure to wide open your legs  so your knees are align vertically with your ankles and imagine you are doing a SQUAT Inhale as you go to the Squat and hold it for 15 seconds,to make this STRENGTH exercise come

UP from the SQUAT and exhale do this 15- 20 reps, inhale going DOWN ad EXHALE coming UP. Amazing BUTT exercise!!!.

4.- BEAM TWIST EXTENSION Lower Back,oblique and Gluts stretch.
Stand on the BEAM arms level open at level of your shoulder fully extended and feet fully WIDE apart,now twist your torso extending your right arm to the LEFT side of the BEAM (please see my posture in the image)left leg fully locked and reaching right arm to feel the stretch in upper back and lower back,hold the posture 15-30 seconds.Fell also your Left Glut being stretch.Switch sides.

5.- BEAM FORWARD FALL stretch.
Keep same WIDE feet and legs apart and carefully bend your body forward as same as in Yoga, here use your hands as stabilizer or to pul you more toward your body and keep throwing your butt back to have more gluts and hamstring stretch. Hold the position 15-30 seconds,full inhale and exhale in all times.

Keep same WIDE feet and legs apart and from the Forward Fall now move your all Torso to the right leg and also try to touch with right hand your right feet , keep right leg fully locked to get the best Glut and Hamstring stretch and bring your left arm up to get some chest and shoulder stretch.Hold this position 15-30 seconds, then switch sides.

Keep in mind that DOING regularly this Stretches and Breathing will help your hart more get fit and will Lower your Blood Pressure, will improve your flexibility and range of motion to avoid arthritis and joint Pain, will tone and strength your Muscles and will improve your balance and Well Being this Type of Exercise is more Beneficial that doing WEIGHTS.

To help you see and understand these movements please go to my FACEBOOK : TU ENTRENADOR OCTAVIO or
Thanks so much to Tony Wiseniewski owner of ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. gym for this pics



La barra BEAM de Pilates Parte 2  2014 “Balance,abdominales,alineamiento y movimiento”.

Hola mis queridos lectores el EQULIBRIO  es parte nuestro bienestar General no sólo físicamente sino Mentalmente tambien.Como ya he mencionado EQULIBRIO es tan importante que sin el nos estariamos cayendo y fatal para nuestros padres o gente Anciana.El tener BALANCE e incorporarlo en nuestras activiades como seres humanos es ESENCIAL,si tu trabajas mucho y no te das tiempo para descansar o relajarte es la razon principal de un Estres Mental y Fisico que afecta tu vida haciendote infeliz y afectando a la gente que te rodea. Estar fuera de BALANCE en nuestro estilo de vida, nuestras Finanzas y el Amor no es SALUDABLE.El tomar una  “CLASE de  BEAM " hace que al momento de pisarla te hace pensar : ¿qué tengo que hacer corregir mi postura para que sea más eficaz y beneficica para mi cuerpo? .. ¿cómo tengo que hacer la  respiración adecuada muy importante para estirar los músculos y darles el oxígeno suficiente? ? ... el Concentrate y tener la Mente y el Cuerpo conectado afectará en como te Sientes y como te sentiras Atletico asi que te MOSTRARE nuevos ejercicios que te daran un montón de beneficios para tu salud dandote Tonificación , Reducción de la Presión Arterial y tener mas Equilibrio y con un gran Control Abdominal.Te recomiendo que pratiques  esto en la BEAM o como substituto con un tapete Yoga e imaginate que es una clase de Yoga-Pilates - Ballet.

Parate en la Barra con el pie izquierdo del haz de vuelta y la pierna derecha al frente, ahora semi flexiona izquierda un poco y pon tu peso corporal en el trasero izquierdo y lanzar tus gluteos hacia atras (por favor ver a mi postura en la imagen)manten la pierna derecha totalmente estirada y levanta tus dedos de los pies hacia ti al mismo tiempo  que bajas tu torso hacia adelante  para sentir estiramiento en trasero,hamstrings y pantorrila,manten este postura 15-30 segundos. inhalar y exhalar durante el ejercicio,luego cambia de pierna.

Comienza aquí con la pierna derecha totalmente estirada y la pierna y rodilla izquierda cerca de la derecha y mientras te agachas con todo con tu cuerpo hacia adelante usa las manos para estabilizar y darte apoyo, levanta la pierna izquierda (puntando tus deditos del pie ) por favor ver a mi postura para sentir extraordinariamente el estiramiento en tu trasero y hamstring mientras mas levantes la pierna izquierda sentiras estiramiento en la Pantorilla y Gluteo. Manten  esta posición 15-30 segundos,inhalar y exhalar durante el ejercicio,luego cambia de pierna.

Posiciona tu cuerpo con las piernas separadas y las rodillas mirando hacia afuera y trata de que los pies esten en la viga (ve mi postura en la imagen ) , asegúrate de abrir bien las piernas para que tus rodillas están alineadas verticalmente con tus tobillos e imaginate que haras una sentadilla,Inhala al bajar con CUIDADO y manten la posicion durante 15 segundos, para hacer este Ejercicio de Fortaleza sube exhalando y apretando tus Gluteos y Abdominales haz 15 - 20 repeticiones, inhalar BAJAS subes EXHALAS extraordinario Ejercicio para tus Gluteos!!!.

Parate en la barra con piernas abiertas y brazos estirados al nivel del hombro completamente extendidos,tuerce o mueve tu  torso extendiendo el brazo derecho hacia el lado izquierdo de la viga (por favor, ver a mi postura en la imagen ) la pierna izquierda totalmente estirada alargando el  brazo derecho para sentir el estiramiento en la espalda superior,Gluteo y Espalda Baja,manten la postura 15-30 segundos.Tambien sentiras el otro gluteo estirando,luego cambia de lado.

Manten las piernas bien separadas y con cuidado agacha el torso hacia adelante como en Yoga (mira mi postura en la imagen) aquí usa las manos para estabilizarte y hacer mas efectivo el estiramiento,al bajar mantien piernas estiradas y avienta tu trasero hacia atras para sentir mayor estiramiento en hamstrings y Gluteos.Manten la posición 15-30 segundos ,inhalar y exhala durante todo el ejercicio.

Manten la misma posicion que el ejercicio anterior pero ahora mueva el todo tu Torso a la pierna derecha y también tratar de tocar con la mano derecha de tu pie derecho(mira mi postura en la imagen)manten la pierna derecha completamente estirada para sentir mayor el estiramiento el Hamstring ,Gluteo y ademas al estirar el brazo izquierda hacia arriba sentiras estiramiento en Espalda Baja,Hombro y Pectoral.Manten esta posición 15-30 segundos y luego cambia de lado.

Tenga en cuenta que Hacer regularmente estos ESTIRAMIENTOS y RESPIRACIONES te ayudará hacer que tu CORAZON trabaje con menos Esfuerzo bajado tu Presión Arterial , mejorando tu flexibilidad y rango de movimiento para evitar la Artritis y el Dolor de las Articulaciones , Tonificara y Fortalecera tus músculos y mejorará tu balance dandote Salun en General.Este tipo de Ejercicios son másBENEFICOS que hacer pesas .

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Muchas gracias a Tony Wiseniewski dueño de ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM  al utilizar su gimnasio para estas fotos.

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Muchas gracias a Tony Wiseniewski dueño de ULTRABODYFITNESS GYM. al usar su  gimnasio por estas fotos.
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