Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kelly Clarkson - Hits Medley - Finale - American Idol - April 7, 2016


And after being so disappointed last night at American Idol's finale when La'Porsha didn't win and re-watching the show again now my thoughts of feeling sad changed as I listened and watching Kelly Clarkson sing "A moment like this" people wait a LIFE TIME came to me the realizations that the same happened to Adam Lambert ... TIME showed that ADAM  just needed a moment like this at American Idol to be in the spotlight and showed his TALENT to the WORLD as La'Porsha did yesterday night ... She "shined bright like a diamond" and also got a "Record Deal" along with Trent ,MENTOR  "Scott Borchetta" said before the Results ...Life got back to La'Porsha  "The love,Humbleness  and Singing from the Hart" a REWARD.... she GIVE to all the FANS watching this Last Season in EACH time she SANG , she will have the Opportunity to Succeed for her and her "little daughter" to SHINE and have a better life and be a Superstar… Like her WE just need a chance to have a moment LIKE THIS  to be noticed and show our TALENT to the World....Congrats to La'Porsha and Trent!!!...Kelly your song is Iconic and so Inspiring to me...I will miss SO much "American Idol"...


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