Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Team Vs Bucky - Marvel's Captain America: Civil War

Living here in Hollywood has an amazing Impact in all the Angelinos...we live,breath and eat MOVIES....for some of US fans of the MARVEL and DC Universe is HUGE IMPORTANT EVENT every time a Movie from them OPENS in Los Angeles, the Excitement is in each Movie theatre you come to see the Latest of this HOLLYWOOD Master Pieces....Star Wars, Batman, Superman and soon WONDER WOMAN my OWN role model and Favorite since I was 8 years Old....It's one more blessed I have in my Life be in this moment in my Unique Life in this Planet.

Which TEAM are YOU ???....Team IRON MAN or Team CAPTAIN AMERICA? is WHERE the amazing Script of this MARVEL MOVIE shines and KICK ASS to the ones before in my Personal Opinion, as I mentioned in this Album of my "Role Models" when I was just a little kid , TIME and TECHNOLOGY had been Possible to make Better and More Spectacular Each Marvel Super Hero and all the Scene Actions Blowing our Minds and Expectations,I had seen now 48 years all my Super Heroes go from an Amazing Hollywood MAGIC back then when SUPERMAN and their Visual Effects where so hard to FILM but not any less Exciting or Spectacular by that Time, now as a GROWN Adult and evolving as a Human and Person along with MOVIES and TECHNOLOGY my Passion , Admiration and Respect to my "Role Super Hero Models" are the best Joy and Experiences in my all LIFE that fulfill my HART and makes my Imagination have NO Limits thanks to the HOLLYWOOD Film Makers,Producers and of course all the CAST  "Actresses and Actors" who have the AMAZING Ability to GIVE LIFE to each Super's FK#@*$@N FANTASTIC!!!....

So here are your TEAMS!!!!!

Team Captain America:

Captain America,Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch,Hawkeye,Falcon,Ant Man( I'm in love with this actor)and the Star from the TV Series "Revenge" Agent 13(love her too)..

Team Iron Man:

Iron Man,Black Widow(I will totally marry Scarlett Johansson),Black Panther,War Machine,Vision and a very Young New Spider Man.

I AM in the MIDDLE....I love ALL of them!!!!


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