Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Testimonials of my Clients - Aleeza Salomon

Octavio.... I have such admiration and respect for Octavio. He makes every work out fun. He's energetic, he has the most respect for his clients. He's playful and he pushes you to your limit but without pain. He's up to date in every aspect of fitness and the body. He stretches you before and after making sure not to over work your muscles.

You will see change and progress after each session with him! I'm excited to come and train with him!!....I live in New York but I trained with Octavio before I got married 6 years ago and moved from L.A...I only come with him to train(can't find anyone like him in NY.)...... every workout is new and fun and interesting.

He is innovative!! When I leave a workout session with Octavio I am rejuvenated person. Octavio is......respectful, Energetic, fun, patient, every single training session is different and interesting. He is so motivating!! He is awesome!!!!. I wish him only good things and tons of Success!!!!.Sep 2th 2016. Aleeza Salomon.


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