Monday, September 26, 2016

Octavio Master Trainer

REMEMBER we have just 2 Months left to start the "Holiday Season" and we know those months we will be very busy with Travel, commitments and Eat all the Good Food of the Holiday Celebrations and don't do much so don't WAIST more TIME and come to the Gym NOW and loose some pounds that we will for sure GAIN in Christmas... train with:

"Octavio Master Trainer"

trough a well rounded Fitness Experience including the latest in Resistance Training, Core Stability, Yoga, Cadillac and Pilates

"All tailored to your fitness needs"

35 years of Wisdom and Experience at your Service at Ultrabody Gym the most exclusive and Private Gym in L.A.Look Good but most important FEEL GOOD!!.

Don't waist MORE time and get your SESSIONS only NO MEMBERSHIP need it.


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