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David Foster & Friends - Donna Summer - Last Dance

In Memorial remembering of the "Queen of the Disco" Miss Donna Summer....she Died May 17th 2012...Here her LAST performance before she Past../ En Memoria de la muerte de Donna Summer la "Reina del Disco"...Ella muere Mayo 17 del 2012...En este Clip su ULTIMA aparicion antes de perder la Vida.
My first memories from her was when I was a 10 Year old liitle kid climbing a chair with a couple of Books of the Huge Encyclopedias back in the 70'S to Reach my sister Marisela's Stereo Systems with a Vynil RECORD almost as big as me every TIME she leaved my House(I was so lucky of not falling down and break my head)...and I started Dancing and singing all her songs from the album "I feel Love"...I didn't knew in that time I was Gay,Gay Gay and of course much less that Music will have such an IMPACT in my all LIFE.... also I had in me my Mother's genes and sensibility since she was a "Singer" and an Actress and I knew as well many many other SONGS from Spanish Singers and Argentinian Tango melodies...As I said I was moved by Music and Extraordinary Singers since I remember,my mother always smiled "ASKING ME" you too know also "this song and the Lyrics"????, saying SON you are very SPECIAL.
Thanks to my father who always Spoke to me and all my brothers in English since we where little Kids in "my case" almost writing,speaking and most Important UNDERSTANDING English right away besides Spanish my native language as a kid .Looking back all HER music was always in all my Life and of Course MUSIC has been always the Engine of my Passion to Dance and after being forced by my Parents to leaved my House when they Discovered I was Gay, very PAINFUL times along with with "10 years the Silence" of my Mother and some of my Brothers held on me...in that period of time somehow I was going to a "Private Social Health Club" and took Aerobics classes since I loved the MUSIC so much...adding another Discipline besides the ones I had already practiced like "Running, Martial Arts, Swimming and Gymnastics...which I was very GIFTED and MOST of the time "the Best" among other Kids.....then in this "Pain and Chaos" in my Life with my Family I had to find a JOB to support me and continuing my Studies to get my "Masters Degree of Business Management" , so Encouraged from my Aerobics teacher in this Club to BECOME an Aerobics Instructor since SHE very Often asked me to STAND next to her during the "Aerobic Class" and finally she let me finished her CLASS and she be so SURPRISED how Fast I learned to TEACH and also to see HOW I could make the Students at her Class enjoying my MOVES....Well thanks to my Aerobic teacher I signed up to enroll me in a one month "Instructor Certification School"...which was the ANSWER and my way to get MONEY and still studying at the same Time.....and Leaved my HOME very SAD and Tears of Pain but I had to be a MAN and deal with my PERSONAL way of LifeStyle .....Thanks to MUSIC and my Skills after a month of finishing my Aerobics Instructor Certification (I was already being seen by Owners and other Gym Directors)...My DESTINY was taking this PATH .....And after I finished my Certification I was Immediately HIRED by the "Beverly Hills Work Out Gym" the first Powerful CHAIN of Gym in Mexico City owned bu the MARTI Family... and my History was STARTING to RISE.....Music give me the Greatest gift I could EVER Dream.....The POWER to make "People Move", be Happy and discovered I was BORN to be along with MUSIC someone SPECIAL, SUCCESSFUL,a MOTIVATOR and an Instructor-Trainer and Devote my Life to be the BEST and have the way to SUPPORT me and live my Gay Life with NO regrets and lots of Accomplishments many moments of Triumphs like being a "BodyBuilder Champion" , "National Aerobics Champion in 1995" and mamy Jobs as "Manager or Director" of Health Clubs - Gyms in Mexico City and in the United States as the Group Ex Director of "Ballys Hollywood" fro 5 Years along with the chance to travel around the WORLD Teaching , Training and Inspiring People trough the MUSIC and Exercise, Donna Summer Music was present in each Day of my Career Till TODAY It was BACK then a NON STOP TAPE from her 2 Dance REMIXES till the TAPES where NOW days CD'S and using her MUSIC in my Aerobic Classes in the GYMS I had worked in Los Angeles....I had the chance to see Donna Summer at the "Hollywood Bowl" 6 Years ago in her "COMING BACK Concerts" and had the blessing to see Donna Still Alive , my Music ICON,my Idol, my Muse and BLOW Every One AWAY when she SANG as GOOD and AMAZING as she did in 1977 and Create an AMAZING Applause and Screaming when she SANG all her HITS and made all the Hollywood Bowl get UP of their seats and DANCE and DANCE, an unforgettable Evening for those Fans who loved Donna Summer a DREAM come true of seeing the SINGERS I was inspired in one of their Concerts .
The last Performance she did in 2012 was in the Special "David Foster and Friends"and again Miss Summer let everybody Speechless when she Performed besides others songs ...HER most KNOWN song "Last Dance" and made a STATEMENT with her VOICE still POWERFUL as EVER singing her HART out Live "Last Dance"..I want to share with you this AMAZING CONCERT with the Genius of Mr. David Foster....if you have time watch this You Tube Clips from "David Foster's Friends" it's PRETTY unique and Amazing.

My Respect to Donna Summer....Rest in Peace the "Queen of the Disco".
More About her Life:
Summer died on May 17, 2012 at age 63, after a years-long battle with cancer/ La Cantante Donna Summer muere Mayo 17 del 2012.
Summer's debut performance came one Sunday when she was 10 years old, when a singer scheduled to perform at her church did not show up. The priest, who knew from her parents Summer's fondness for singing, invited her to perform instead—expecting, at the least, an amusing spectacle. But to everyone's surprise, the voice that bellowed out of Donna Summer's tiny body that Sunday morning was overwhelmingly powerful and beautiful.

"You couldn't see her if you were beyond the third row," her father remembered. "But you could hear her." Summer recalled, "I started crying, everybody else started crying. It was quite an amazing moment in my life & and at some point after I heard my voice come out I felt like God said to me, 'Donna, you're going to be very, very famous.' And I just knew from that day on I was going to be famous."
In 1975, Summer co-wrote and recorded a demo version of a seductive disco track called "Love to Love You Baby," initially intending it for another artist. Producers liked Summer's demo version so much that they decided to make it her song instead. The final version released in the United States, an unprecedented 17 minutes long, featured Summer's tantalizingly soft vocals and sensual moaning—sounds so suggestive, in fact, that many radio stations initially refused to play the song. Nevertheless, the path-breaking disco track became an overnight sensation, skyrocketing to No. 2 on the U.S. singles chart and serving as the titular track of her second album. Building on the success of "Love to Love You Baby," Summer released two albums in 1976: A Love Trilogy and Four Seasons of Love, both of which were enormous successes. In 1977, Summer released two more hit albums, I Remember Yesterday and Once Upon a Time, and in 1978 her single "Last Dance" from the soundtrack of Thank God It's Friday won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Summer's 1978 live album, entitled Live and More, became her first to reach No. 1 on the Billboard album charts and likewise featured her first No. 1 single in "MacArthur Park." A year later, she achieved the biggest commercial success of her career with the album Bad Girls, which instantly spawned two No. 1 singles, "Bad Girls" and "Hot Stuff," making Summer the first female artist to score three No. 1 songs in a single calendar year. As the 1970s gave way to the 1980s, Summer briefly abandoned disco to release two R&B albums: The Wanderer (1980) and Donna Summer (1982). Returning to dance music in 1983, she scored her biggest hit of the decade with "She Works Hard for the Money." The title track, based on Summer's feelings upon encountering a sleeping bathroom attendant at a restaurant, has become something of a feminist anthem.

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