Monday, May 9, 2016


My POP Dance Interval Class in Hollywood/Mi Clase de Baile POP e Intervalos en Hollywood.

I just can't believe that still in the Big names of Gyms here in Los Angeles like Gold's Gym, L.A.Fitness,24HOUR Fitness,Ballys, etc the PAY to Aerobic Instructors is so "CHEAP and LOW" and ultimately so INSULTING to US, reason why the Classes in these Gyms SUCK (many of them), I just got fed UP of the Owners of these Lucrative Gyms and STOP teaching...Want a Cheap, with NO experience, Mediocre and sadly Out of Shape Guy -Girl who says I'm an Instructor...well YOU Have THEM all now.... Every time I go and watch a little of somebody teaching at Golds I see this Personal Trainer with no Rhythm or even Counting and using the BEAT of the MUSIC teaching a Body Pump Class, he is sure to SCREAM louder at YOU like a Cow and doing the  Movements so UNSAFE,to FAST and with out any Transition (you learn this by Years and Years of teaching) and  some MOVES I guess out of his ass that I HAD never seeing in my Years as a Body Builder or Aerobic Instructor, of Course PEOPLE like me yes "Antiques Teachers" but knowing OUR Sh$#@T from A to Z or spending Thousands of dollars$$$ every Year in Certifications to Update our Knowledge , hours and hours of mastering Teaching Skills and teaching many, many FORMATS of what EVER YOU think is NEW NOW and TRENDY now days  (which is NOT.... is the same s@#*T but with CRAZY names, or unsafe ones like Cross fit..... I HAD seeing ALL in 40 years) and STILL so far going every Year to the CONVENTION IDEA World IDEA Health & Fitness Association​.....You CAN'T FOOL me or ANY of my Contemporaries "Master Aerobic Instructors" or those who REALLY are "Professionals Aerobic Teachers"...We can TELL in ONE minute or maybe LESS if the Instructor is an INSTRUCTOR.

I am sorry because YOU members are used to have this BAD or "SO SO Classes" cause you had never or I say rarely NEVER had a GOOD the way HAD you Notice that STEP classes are GONE...I mean GONE in the Aerobics Schedule????.....cause you can't FAKE this class, a P.TRAINER can't teach this or a BAD with no rhythm Guy-Girl Instructor....Someone who CAN teach an EXCELLENT STEP class is "no joke" ..YOU have to Know how Listen to the MUSIC, COUNT and have a Great Memory.....




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