Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 8 WEEK FAT LOSS CHALLENGE is built on evidence-based DIET Free Life Methodology and Personalized Exercise Programs available in Octavio's "Your Wellness Room"

Members Already get their first 7 DAYS FREE and cancel anytime during that free trial period without being Billed.After that free trial, members pay LESS than 25 cents /day :

  • Monthly Price $9.99
  • Semi - Anual Price $49.95
  • Anual price - $79.95

Members the Challenge Starts Saturday October 24th 2015, NON Members anytime you WANT or JOIN my "Wellness Room" you have the next 56 DAYS to progress and Enjoy the Benefits of having the Tools to succeed and loose up to 30 pounds right after Christmas Day to get in SHAPE and look GREAT to enjoy the Holidays and New Year!!!.

Just Click here:

Train with OCTAVIO and many of the World Famous Trainers in the Planet!!!.....If you can't train with me in L.A. well now you can do it ON LINE and have houndred of Work Outs and Food Suggestions to create your OWN TRAINING Sessions according at your Level of Fitness.

In just 8 weeks participants can:

  • Lose up up 30 pounds
  • Drop 3 pant sizes
  • Flatten midsection
  • Sleep Better
  • Look Younger
  • Increase overall energy
  • Improve Nutrition IQ


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