Friday, May 26, 2017

"Body Adjustments and Corrective Stretches" with Octavio

Are you suffering of a TERRIBLE pain that doesn't go AWAY because you HURT your Body Lifting Heavy Weights... because you didn't Warm Up enough... Had a Bad Posture doing your exercise... because you NEVER stretch or a Bad Trainer put you to do a WRONG work out NOT proper for your "Level of Fitness or Age"???... If you INGORE this pain in your neck, lower back, hip or knee and you keep working out your will "suffer a more serious injury", anyone can get hurt Young People or Adults no one is INMUNE... Listen to your Body... be Aware... be Smart.

Let me HELP you in one hour to "Adjust, Align, Stretch, Restore and Relief" that Acute PAIN you are suffering in your Body with my Technique of Body Adjustment from Head to Toe to help you be PAIN FREE and be able to Work Out or just simply MOVE with out Pain. I promise that you will feel much BETTER with the first ADJUSTMENT. Come to "UltrabodyGym" Private Gym in West Hollywood... Adjustments afternoons ONLY with appointments after 4pm.

One hour Adjustment $85.00 .To schedule your appointment contact me here in Facebook to figure the time... "CASH ONLY". Please arrive 10mins before your appointment so I can register at the Gym.

Directions to Ultrabodygym in West Hollywood:
828 North La Brea Ave... between Waring and Willoughby.
Hollywood, CA 90038.

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