Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shaun T Insanity on Dr. Oz

How Stupid are you?? .. I can see DR. OZ is ONE , NOT A Doctor or Either o identify a Profesional Trainer to be Invited to his Show/Que tan estupido es uno??...Ya me doy cuenta que este Dr. Oz es pura MENTIRA ..ni es Doctor no tiene Idea de lo que es un  Entrenador profesional y ser invitado a su Programa.
I can't believe how Still PEOPLE from TV are so ignorant about WHO are real trainers...Good $$$$ in production for the DVDS but NOT cues at all of Safety....If you are OVERWEIGHT and jumping LIKE THEM you will be sorry...
Would love to see the credentials of the guy Giving this ALL over the Place Movements.

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